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The Choir "Läte" by Kambja

The oldest mixed choir of Estonia Founded in 1794
Where do we come from?
Kambja is a small town with 2000 inhabitants in the southern part of the country. The distance to the capital Tallinn is about 220 kilometers.
The history
The founding of the choir depends very closely on the movement of the Moravian Brotherhood in Estonia. Kambja was the center of the brothers' community in the 18th century.
In 1794, churches were alternately represented by men, women and children's choirs in the municipality of Kambja. The current chorus is founded on this multitude, which came from the church community and the children's choir.
The repertoire
Our repertoire is broad and includes both secular and spiritual chorus.
The singers
Our choir members make the choir unique. Although we are all in different
Living areas, we are nevertheless a community of singing and dancing.
The most important domestic event for choirs is the singing festival, which takes place every five years in Tallinn. Not all choirs can go there with 60,000 other singers. It is a great honor for a choir to be there.
The symbolism
The choir has its own logo and flag.
The clothing
At events of national importance, we always wear the costume. At concerts, receptions and other events, we present our choir uniforms. In the free time we wear t-shirts with the chorlogo.

Chief of choir: Ave Hussar